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SMOptimizer PRO

1.99 usd

######## A Smart optimizer for your Android phone #########SMOPTIMIZER PRO is an android app with exciting features to optimize your android smartphone performance.
Advanced features like intelligent mode switching, custom modes, smart scheduling, automatic cache cleaning, Wi-Fi optimization and many more exciting features to further enhance your smartphone performance.
Third party apps are sorted and listed with highest CPU (processor) usage on the top. Usually the third party apps taking the most CPU resources slow down the smartphone performance significantly. You have the option to uninstall any unwanted third party apps by simply clicking on the app name and then following the instructions.
The modes allows you to turn On/Off the features available on your smartphone so that you effectively control the performance of your smartphone.The "My Mode" is the default mode for optimum performance. The "minimal" mode and "maximal" mode presets specific features on/off to provide enhanced performance. Get SMOPTIMIZER PRO to take advantage of the additional modes - minimal, maximal and custom modes.
The schedule tab allows you to add schedule to switch to a predefined mode based on time of day.
The Wi-Fi optimization is our proprietary technology feature which enables to remember the frequently used Wi Fi networks and turn them back ON only when the device is in that Wi-Fi range. This feature helps improve your smartphone battery life by not trying to scan the Wi-Fi networks all the time. The Wi-Fi check interval setting allows you to set how frequent the app checks if the device is in the Wi-Fi range. The Wi-Fi disconnect time switches off the Wi-Fi at a specified interval when you are not in the Wi-Fi range.
The travel mode feature will auto turn off mobile data when roaming. This will help avoid unnecessary roaming data charges. The travel mode is a feature which is enabled by default and can be turned off as needed.
SMOPTIMIZER widget will give you quick access to most features of a smartphone.
The power saver is a feature that enables you to save battery life by switching to maximal mode with basic features turned ON. You can set the battery percentage of your choice.
Over time, your applications write to the app cache on your phone and eat up precious system resources while slowing everything down. Clean cache memory will help boost the smart phone performance. This only cleans temporary app data.Features: Features: Memory and performance booster, battery saver, task killer, cache cleaner, wifi optimization, Modes and schedules, identify cpu intensive apps, charge history.
TIPS to prolong your smartphone battery life
***********************************************************************************************************************************• Choose a shorter screen time out. To define the time out, you can either use the settings in the mode or use SMOPTIMIZER widget or service switches in settings.
• See what app is taking the most resource. Use SMOPTIMIZE option to stop the unnecessary apps or uninstall the apps you don’t use.
• Turn unnecessary features off. Go to profiles -> mode and customize to turn the features on/off. Set to maximal mode to further reduce battery consumption.
• Turn vibrate and haptic feed back off. You can set this in profile -> modes.
• Experts recommend that you charge your smartphone to 100% at least once a month.
• Use OEM batteries.
• Set your sleep schedule. You can turn off the features you don’t want at sleep with scheduler and automatically turn on at a set time.
• Change wallpaper to a dark color preferably black background.